Soft skills workshops

Soft skills workshops

Who do I work with?

I work with companies building a modern and flexible leadership culture based on inspiration, respect, personal values, diversity, co-creation and balanced employee empowerment.

In my workshops for employees, I help them to develop mindfulness, strategic skills and the practical soft skills needed to be effective, healthy and in harmony with themselves.

Examples of my clients' challenges

Stress and emotions

A calm mind


Personal energy and sense of purpose


Effective action

How do I work?

Based on the client’s organizational goals and identified employee needs, I deliver mindfulness, reflection and soft skills development workshops for company employees.

I conduct workshops for groups of 5-300 participants, online on Zoom, Webex and Teams platforms in Polish and English.

Workshops usually last from 1 to 2 hours (micro-learning). During our meetings, I guide participants through carefully selected, practical workshop exercises that enable them to experience mindfulness and deep reflection techniques, develop individual solutions and share observations and experiences in-depth.

Business and organizational results

Examples of the effects of Scaleup programs include:

Doubling the number of employees able to see opportunities and potential in difficult, stressful and crisis situations (30% > 60% of the group)

Tripling the number of employees with a strong sense of being able to deal with persistent thinking (change from 25% to 75% of the group)

Double the number of employees with a strong sense that they know and can apply effective techniques to reduce stress levels (change from 43% to 86% of the group.

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If you would like to take care of your employees' mental health on a company-wide scale, I invite you to talk about the possible scope of support during a free online consultation.