I have over 15 years’ experience (leadership positions, consulting projects) in working with major international corporations, so the problems my clients face, and their business contexts, are well known to me.

I believe that in the long run successful performance and a happy life is a result of attentiveness, focus, a strategic approach, acting in accordance with your values, deep understanding of other people, a sense of purpose and taking pleasure in what you do.

Through my services, I help individual and business clients combine in-depth self-reflection with effective action to increase the scale and efficiency of their operations.

Unique value of collaboration

My services and development programs are distinguished by specific, measurable business, organizational or personal results achieved through a combination of the following elements:


A deep understanding of the mechanics of large, global companies. I help my clients become more aware of many different forces which shape their business contexts.


The ability to immediately apply new inspirations, techniques or self-awareness in your professional or personal life.


A methodology for in-depth analysis of clients' challenges that enables us to focus on the sources of clients' challenges rather than their symptoms.


A set of specialized consulting and development services tailored individually to the situation, challenges, and needs of a given individual or business client.


Over 80 models, techniques, templates, blueprints describing the best communication, management and business practices, which I share with my clients during the projects.

Techniques and processes

I innovatively combine the following techniques in my work:


I believe that the key to systematic improvement in business performance, better corporate relationships, and greater innovation is the ability to combine in-depth self-reflection with action by everyone in an organization.

Soft skills workshops

Personal development