Personal development

Personal development

Who do I work with?

I help busy people slow down and change the way they do things so they can find joy, peace of mind and purpose – in and outside of work.

The clients of my personal development programs are people experiencing various negative effects of the dizzying pace of life in the modern world. In the course of our collaboration, they can slow down, deepen their connection with themselves and find unique answers to their questions or challenges.

Examples of my clients' challenges

Stress and emotions

Meaning, energy and motivation

Difficult decisions

Difficult situations




A happy life

How do I work?

My personal development programs follow the paradoxical change theory of F. Perls. This theory states that real change occurs when a person becomes who they are, not who they would like to be. It, therefore, involves acceptance leading to conscious life decisions.

Over a series of regular weekly sessions lasting 9 to 12 months, I help busy individual clients expand their awareness of themselves and their important themes and gradually remove what limits them from seeing things as they really are. This leads to making informed life decisions and practically trying out new behaviors and ideas.

By staying connected to the sources of their natural resources, my clients systematically increase their levels of energy, personal power, creativity and joy. They feel at home in any place or moment in their lives, regardless of external circumstances.

I deliver sessions online on Zoom, Teams and Webex platforms or in Wilanów, Warsaw.

Our sessions generally last 60-90 minutes. We start with a free consultation, after which the client decides whether to start the program. I conduct all sessions personally in Polish or English.


As a result of personal development programs, my clients:

Deepen their connection with themselves, discover new talents and abilities

Increase their creativity in life, cope better with challenges

Find more joy, peace and sense of purpose regardless of external circumstances

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If you want to slow down and find joy, peace of mind and purpose, I invite you to a free online consultation.

We'll discuss your challenges and important topics, and I'll explain how I work and how I can support you in your development.