Leadership development

Leadership development

Who do I work with?

I work with managers, directors, business owners and boards who want to build a modern and flexible leadership culture based on inspiration, respect of personal values, diversity, co-creation and development of employee autonomy.

During leadership workshops, I help managers experience various management techniques and practice using the modern leadership and communication tools needed to systematically scale company operations.

Examples of my clients' challenges

Strategic thinking


Effective communication

Strategic conversations

Team management

Team development

Change management

Leader development

How do I work?

Based on the client’s organizational goals and an in-depth analysis of the symptoms and sources of leadership challenges, I deliver cycles of workshops lasting 6-12 months, with topics selected individually to the needs of the given organization.

I conduct workshops for groups of 5-100 participants, online on the Zoom platform, in Polish and English (global programs for international companies).

Workshops usually last from 2 to 4 hours (micro-learning). During our meetings, I guide participants through carefully selected, practical workshop exercises that enable them to experience leadership techniques, reflect individually and share observations and experiences in-depth.

Scaleup programs are distinguished by a set of proven, practical leadership techniques in the areas of team management, project management, strategic B2B sales, communication and change management.

Business and organizational results

Examples of the effects of Scaleup programs include:

Doubling the number of managers able to motivate non-financially, taking into account individual employee values.

Tripling the number of managers able to appreciate and reward employees in a non-financial way, taking into account their individual values.

Double the number of managers aware of what motivates them to work and achieve above-average business results.

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If you want to increase your managers' effectiveness, I invite you to talk about their challenges and needs and possible forms of development during a free online consultation.