I help companies scale their business and their managers to reach top performance in a healthy way.

Hi, my name is
Maciej Szturmowicz.

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I believe that the most creative, effective and happy people are those who are attentive, relaxed, and care about harmony in their lives.

I have over 15 years’ experience in the areas of corporate B2B sales, sales management and innovative strategic projects in the world's largest organizations (including eight years at IBM and three years as an advisor to the board of mBank).

I am passionate about integrating apparent opposites - reflection with action, intellect and intuition, and hard and soft organizational elements.

Who do I work with?

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People who want to increase
their scale of operations.

My clients are people who want to systematically scale up their business and have already discovered that they can't do it by increasing the amount they do. They recognize the need to change their approach in order to do more with less.

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Companies and corporations
that want to grow in a healthy way

I also work with scaleup companies to help them build effective organizations, processes, teams and a modern management culture so they can systematically improve their business performance and scale up in a healthy way.

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Managers and Entrepreneurs

I work with managers and entrepreneurs who find that their successes are paid for with too many sacrifices, stress or wrestling with organizations and other people, leading to a great loss of life energy.

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People seeking self-reflection and growth

I work with people who have chosen to develop their awareness and soft and leadership skills in order to be more effective and creative, become in tune with themselves with a deeper understanding of other people, finding joy, peace of mind and a sense of purpose in and out of work.

My clients’ challenges

Increase the effectiveness
and quality of management

Improve sales performance
and scale your business

Mental health and stress reduction
of employees

Finding joy, peace
and a sense of purpose


I believe that the key to systematic improvement in business performance, better business relations and greater innovation is the ability to combine in-depth self-reflection with action by everyone in an organization.

Executive coaching

Workshops for leaders

Sales management consulting

Soft skills workshops

Personal development