Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Who do I work with?

I help busy managers and business owners to improve their performance in a healthy, sustainable way – stress-free, collaborative, strategic, meaningful and in tune with themselves.

By working with me, managers develop next-generation leadership skills that help them accomplish more with less effort, freeing up time for the things that matter.

Examples of my clients' challenges

Operational strategy

Conscious leadership

Personal effectiveness

Team relationships

Managerial conversations

Change management

Development within the organization


How do I work?

In executive coaching programs, I support my clients in responding effectively, consciously and in a healthy way to various leadership and organizational challenges.

In the course of our cooperation, the client looks at their challenges from different perspectives and broadens their self-awareness, the situation and other people. Through this, they develop completely individual solutions to their problems and then analyze the effects of their implementation on themself, the team and the organization.

By working with a professional coach, leaders can make better long-term decisions, consciously define their leadership style, manage their teams or projects more effectively, and systematically scale up in a healthy way.

I deliver sessions online on Zoom, Teams and Webex platforms or in Wilanów, Warsaw.

Our sessions generally last 60-90 minutes. We start with a free consultation, after which the client decides whether to begin the program. I conduct all sessions personally in Polish or English.

What will you gain?

Increased creativity and performance

Increased team engagement and motivation

Self-alignment based on your talents and resources

Greater balance and meaning in and outside of work

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If you want to increase your effectiveness in a healthy way, I invite you to talk about your challenges and possible scope of support during a free online consultation.