How to negotiate effectively


Focusing on negotiation skills doesn’t give you power If you are responsible for B2B selling, chances are that you often negotiate with your business clients. The outcome of these negotiations determines whether you’ll continuously nurture your growing business with profitable transactions or not. That’s why many salespeople and top executives are always learning how to […]

Drawing boundaries


Giving and taking “Givers, learn your limits because Takers don’t have any.” When I read this quote some time ago, I instantly thought to myself: “Wow, this sentence brilliantly summarizes the need for healthy assertiveness and personal boundaries in life.” Then in hindsight, I realized how much this simple sentence says about the more general […]

What differentiates emotional reactions from emotional intelligence (business examples)


Can you easily differentiate emotional reactions from using emotional intelligence in business? In case this difference is not clear to you, I am providing a few examples of both. Emotional reactions Emotional reactions are triggered by uncontrolled emotions and may include: Attacking or offending Defending Criticizing, scolding or shouting Hiding or shying away Showing resentment […]

What differentiates emotional reactions from emotional intelligence in business

Emotional reactions in business “My organization perceives showing emotions as a sign of ‘weakness.’ If I openly showed my emotions, it would not be good for my career. Instead, I have to be seen to be handling pressure at all times,” said an executive that I worked with. This sparked our very interesting conversation about […]

How to prevent managerial burnout

Are you a manager or director who: Strongly Identifies with the company, is passionate about work? Is a highly people-oriented person who cares about the team? Always wants to complete all tasks assigned to the team? Manages the team using affiliative and/or democratic leadership styles?   If you’ve answered YES to at least three of […]

How to cope with managerial loneliness

You know, you are very lonely at the top – said one executive during a coaching session (I am publishing this post with his permission). This is because the more complex stuff you do, the fewer people you can share it with – he continued. – There are many strategic insights I can’t share with […]

Setting priorities

Sometime ago, I was coaching a sales director who wanted to improve his priority setting skills. His context was difficult – ambitious annual sales targets for the team, many operational expectations of the company’s CEO, incentives for the revenue and profit elements of deals etc. – How do I set the correct priorities for my […]

My top leadership skills for 2022

Do you want your managers to effectively scale your business in 2022 in a strategic, collaborative way? Or are you a manager who wants to get ready for this year’s challenges and opportunities?   If so, you will probably spend the first few weeks of new year deciding which critically important leadership skills you or […]

Symptoms of stress and professional burnout test

STRESS AT WORK We need temporary or mild stress at work. It is accompanied by symptoms such as mobilization for action, increased strength or a surge of energy before an important task or event. Strong stress, which is mobilization in a turbo version, in the history of humankind, was reserved for actions related to defense, […]

How the pandemic compounds stress at work for managers

STRESS AT WORK The unfolding pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus is very effectively compounding the stress at work for managers and business owners. The new reality is remote working from home and the increasing uncertainty of maintaining business continuity. Depending on individual stress mechanisms, a person’s response to these stressors can range from severe work […]